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Residential Roofing

Welcome to Delfines Construction, your trusted source for professional roof replacement services in Laredo, Texas. Serving both Laredo and the wider Webb County area, we specialize in delivering durable roofing solutions.

From our inception, we've been dedicated to offering exceptional roof replacement services. Our management team and crews are factory-trained and certified, ensuring top-notch quality in every project we undertake.

When it's time to repair or replace your roof, consider Delfines Construction for our expertise, diverse skill set, and extensive experience.

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Hail and Wind-Induced Roof Damage in Laredo, Texas

Living in Webb County, you may have experienced the disconcerting sound of hail pounding on your roof as if rocks were falling from the sky. Some hailstones can even be as large as softballs, causing significant dents or craters in your shingles.

Coupled with strong winds, shingles can get torn away from your home, leaving you with a damaged roof. If you've noticed stray shingles around your property after a severe hail or wind event, don't ignore it.

Neglected, even minor issues like these can escalate into major problems, such as water infiltration into your home's interior.